Topic: The way to give divorce according to Shariah   (No-100603)

Q What is the way to give divorce according to shariah? After pronouncing talaq for how many times the divorce will happen and what is the way to revert back? Kindly provide detailed answer

aIt should be noted that there are three ways to give divorce
1) Talaq -e- Ahsan: Single Talaq-e-Rajai (Pronouncement of divorce that can be reverted) is given to women after she becomes pure and before any sexual intercourse is performed. In the case a person can revert during iddat (waiting period) and can do the nikah again. This is considered as the best approach
2) Talaq-e-Hassan: Pronounce divorce three times in three separate intervals between menstruation (Tuhr). This is also permissible way but Nikah cannot be done without doing Sharari Halala
3) Talaq -e- Bad'i: Pronounce divorce during menses or during tuhr in which sexual intercourse also happened or pronounce divorce three times in one sitting or in a single tuhr. This way divorce will occur but the person will be sinful. The Nikkah cannot be done without doing Halal in accordance with Shariah

Allah knows best
Darulifta Al Ikhlas, Karachi
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