Prohibited & Lawful Things

Q Using a Pump to Increase the Pressure of the Gas Supply due to Gas Shortages
Q Can Only Sayyids Wear Black Imama (Turban)?
Q Wearing a Sapphire Stone
Q Wearing Contact Lenses as a Cosmetic Accessory
Q Dressing a Newborn Child in Yellow Clothes
Q Can Men Wear Red Clothes?
Q Keeping the Hem of One’s Lower Garment Above the Ankles Even While Wearing Socks
Q The Correct Way of Applying Kajl/Kohl
Q Can Men Wear a Ring Made of Silver Mixed with Another Metal?
Q Can Men Wear Buttons Made of Metals other than Gold and Silver?
Q Can Men Get their Ears Pierced?
Q Falsifying Age
Q Is it Haram to Backbite a Non-Muslim Person?
Q Giving Gifts or Financial Assistance to a Worker on Christmas
Q Wearing Watches Sold by the Company Named "Sunlord"
Q The "Masnoon" Way of Applying Oil to the Hair and Applying Kohl/Kajl
Q The Significance and Fazeelat of Wearing a Imama (Turban)
Q an Men Wear a Ring on their Index and Middle Fingers?
Q Wearing Jewellery Made for Men
Q Can a Women Wear a Cap?
Q The “Masnoon” Method of Applying Attar (Perfume)
Q Wearing Spectacles made of Silver or Gold
Q Using Fancy Buttons
Q Can Men Wear Black Threads as Bracelets and Bangles?
Q Can Men Wear Bracelets?
Q Wearing Clothes with a Shirt-style Collar
Q Letting the Hem of the Lower Garment Hang below the Ankles
Q The “Masnoon” Way of Trimming the Nails
Q Can Men Wear Clothes Made from the Fabric Called Boski?
Q Should Men Always Cover their Heads?
Q Wearing Clothes with Pictures Underneath Outer Clothes
Q Can One's Lower Garments Cover the Ankles?
Q Going to the Restroom in a School Uniform with Quran Verses
Q Wearing Clothes with Arabic Letters
Q Wearing a White Gold Ring for Men
Q Can a Man Wear a Diamond Ring?

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