Qurbani & Aqeeqa

Q The Masnoon Method of Slaughtering
Q Sacrificing on Behalf of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Religious Elders, and Parents
Q Avoiding Cutting Hair and Nails during the first 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah
Q Distributing Meat in Joint Qurbani
Q The Fazail (virtues)of Qurbani
Q Exchanging a Sacrificial Animal after Purchasing it
Q Combining Aqeeqah and other Voluntary Forms of Sacrifice while Slaughtering a Large Animal
Q Various rulings to perform sacrifice on behalf of another person
Q Compensation for Not Performing Qurbani during the Specified Days
Q Minimum Age Requirement for Sacrificial Animals
Q The Days of Qurbani
Q Distribution of Qurbani Meat
Q Buying Two Moderately-Priced Animals Instead of One Expensive Animal for Qurbani
Q There is No Alternative to Qurbani
Q Donating the Hides of Sacrificial Animals to Welfare Organisations
Q What if a Sacrificial Animal Dies or Gets Lost?
Q Cutting hairs and nails after the moon of Dhū al-Ḥijjah is sited
Q Qurbani in homeland for the people performing Hajj
Q Sacrifice (Qurbani) of an animal whose one eye does not function
Q Sacrifice (Qurbani) in home country during haj
Q Combining Aqeeqa and Qurbani in one animal
Q Giving the skin of qurbani (sacrifice) to an organization that is involved in terrorism
Q Portion of Aqeeqa in animal for Qurbaani (Sacrifice)
Q Giving meat as wages to butcher

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