Q Reciting duas like جل جلالہ، صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم، علیہ السلام، رضی اللہ عنہ، رحمۃ اللہ Upon Hearing the Names of Allah, Prophets, Companions, and Respected Elders
Q Seeking Spiritual and Religious Benefit from the Company of Awlya’ during their Lifetime and Interceding through them after their Demise
Q How Many Wives did the Prophet (peace be upon Him) Have?
Q The Meaning of the Popular Phrase "Despair is Kufr"
Q Should Qadianis be labelled as kafirs or murtads? Should they be called towards Islam?
Q Difference Between Prophets, Messengers (rasool), and Paighambar (Apostles)
Q Relatives Recognising Each Other in Jannah
Q Good or Bad Taqdeer
Q Sharia Ruling on Making and Watching Films on the Lives of Prophets and Companions
Q Nature of the Prophet's Worship before Receiving Prophethood (Nubawwat)
Q Method to Perform Salatul Hajaat (The Prayer of Need)
Q Legal Status of Prevalent Practice of Qur'an Khwani (Reciting Qur'an in group)
Q Limit of beating student
Q Will the one who dies on Friday will be saved from punsihment
Q Give away girls during reconciliation
Q Pointing with finger after ablution
Q Reserve a place in Masjid

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