Purity & Impurity

Q Urinating while Standing
Q Ruling on Ghusl and the Purity of Clothing after Swimming in a Sea or Swimming pool which is Contaminated with Urine
Q Does Falling Asleep on a Chair or while Leaning Against a Wall Nullify Wudu?
Q Method of Tayammum
Q Using Alcohol-based Sprays, Soaps, Shampoos and Sanitizers
Q Washing Clothes in an Automatic Washing Machine
Q Ruling on Spitting in the Direction of the Qibla and Sitting in the Toilet in the Direction of the Qibla
Q Reciting the Shahada and Pointing Towards the Sky with a Finger after Wudu
Q Faraiz of Ghusl
Q Showering while Standing
Q Performing Wudu after Applying Vaseline
Q Performing Wudu and Ghusl in the Bathroom
Q Ruling on Performing Wudu with Waterproof Makeup, and then Praying
Q Performing Wudu with Snow
Q The Method of Using a Miswak
Q Does Vomit Make Clothes Impure?
Q The ruling on muddy spots during postpartum bleeding(Nifas) and the ruling on blood that occurs before the completion of fifteen days after postpartum bleeding
Q Killing an animal in the state of ablution
Q Doing Ablution (وضو) after Ghusl (غسل i.e. proper bath with Faraiz)
Q clean the bed mattress
Q Ruling on praying behind the imam who wipes (Masah) on socks made of cloth or wool
Q Offering Salath with Perfume applied
Q Order regarding wudho (ablution) when insect comes out of ear or wound
Q Wujoob of Ghusul when semen does not drop or touch body
Q Responding to Adhan during menstruation
Q Salath with unwanted hairs not cut since 40 days
Q Cloths from Flea Market

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