Topic: Sacrificing on Behalf of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Religious Elders, and Parents   (No-15908)

Q If a person intends to perform additional qurbani along with their obligatory qurbani, should they prioritise sacrificing in the name of the Prophet (peace be upon him) or their parents? Which option will bring more reward?

aIt is permissible for those with sufficient means to offer, along with their obligatory sacrifice, an additional sacrifice on behalf of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them), other religious elders, parents, deceased or living relatives or even other Muslims whom one is not well acquainted with.
As for prioritising one over the other, the Prophet (peace be upon him) is most worthy of the additional sacrifice because it is through him that Allah the Almighty granted us His guidance. Therefore, sacrificing on behalf of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is a means of expressing our gratitude.


رد المحتار: (244/2، ط: دار الفکر)

قلت: وقول علمائنا له أن يجعل ثواب عمله لغيره يدخل فيه النبي - صلى الله عليه وسلم - فإنه أحق بذلك حيث أنقذنا من الضلالة، ففي ذلك نوع شكر وإسداء جميل له، والكامل قابل لزيادة الكمال. وما استدل به بعض المانعين من أنه تحصيل الحاصل لأن جميع أعمال أمته في ميزانه. يجاب عنه بأنه لا مانع من ذلك، فإن الله - تعالى - أخبرنا بأنه صلى عليه ثم أمرنا بالصلاة عليه، بأن نقول: اللهم صل على محمد، والله أعلم.

Allah the Almighty knows best.
Darul ifta Al-Ikhlas, Karachi.

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