Topic: Having Suhoor in the State of Janabah (Impurity)    (No-13322)

Q If a person experiences a wet dream i:e "Ihtilam" (ejaculation of semen involuntarily during sleep) during Ramadan at night and they eat suhoor in the state of janabah without performing ghusl first, is their suhoor valid?

a If ghusl is wajib on an individual and that individual is not able to perform ghusl before subah sadiq (the break of dawn), if they eat suhoor and commence their fast before performing ghusl, their fast is deemed valid. In essence, being in the state of janabah while having suhoor does not affect one’s fast.
That being said, the individual should perform ghusl as early as possible. Delaying ghusl to the extent that the fajr prayer is missed is a major sin.


الھندیة: (16/1، ط: رشیدیة)

الجنب إذا أخر الاغتسال إلی وقت الصلاۃ لایأثم کذا فی المحیط قد نقل الشیخ سراج الدین الھندی الاجماع علی انہ لایجب الوضوء علی المحدث والغسل علی الجنب والحائض والنفساء قبل وجوب الصلاۃ أو ارادۃ مالا یحل إلابہ۔

Allah the Almighty knows best.
Darul ifta Al-Ikhlas, Karachi.

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