Topic: Ruling regarding the fast of a person who eats suhoor thinking that there is still some time left, but finds out later that the time for suhoor had ended   (No-15706)

Q A person wakes up late for Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and thinks that there is still some time left before subah sadiq (dawn break, the time at which suhoor ends). He eats two spoonfuls of rice. Upon checking the time later, he realizes that the time for Suhoor had ended 10 min ago. He does not eat or drink anything for the rest of the day. Is his fast deemed valid? Please guide me.

aIn the month of Ramadan, if a person eats Suhoor thinking that there is still time before subah sadiq, and later finds out that the time had already ended before he ate, then it is obligatory for him/her to perform Qada (make up) for that fast, though it will not become wajib (obligatory) for him/her to pay the kaffarah (expiation).
However, such a person should still abstain from eating and drinking for the rest of the day like a fasting person.


الفتاویٰ الھندیۃ: (214/1- 215)
"وکذا من وجب علیہ الصوم فی أول النھار لوجود سبب الوجوب والأھلیۃ ثم تعذر علیہ المضی فیہ بأن أفطر متعمدا أو أصبح یوم الشک مفطرا ثم تبین أنہ من رمضان أو تسحر علی ظن أن الفجر لم یطلع ثم تبین أنہ طالع فانہ یجب علیہ الامساک فی بقیۃ الیوم تشبھا بالصائمین".

رد المحتار: (405/2)
"(قولہ أوتسحر) أی یجب علیہ القضاء دون الکفارۃ لان الجنایۃ قاصرۃ وھی جنایۃ عدم التثبت لاجنایۃ الافطارلانہ لم یقصدہ".

نجم الفتاویٰ: (187/3)

واللہ تعالیٰ اعلم بالصواب
دارالافتاء الاخلاص،کراچی

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