Topic: Gargling while fasting   (No-15722)

Q Assalamualaikum Mufti Sahab! It is obligatory to gargle while rinsing the mouth in the ghusl of janabah. Does this ruling apply for a person who is fasting?

aIn order to avoid ingesting water and thus breaking the fast, it is not obligatory to gargle or to draw water up to the soft part of the nose while performing ghusl, in the state of fasting. Therefore, do not gargle while performing ghusl in the state of fasting.


الدر المختار مع رد المحتار: (237/1، ط: زکریا)

والمبالغۃ فیہما بالغرغرۃ لغیر الصائم لاحتمال الفساد۔

واللہ تعالٰی اعلم بالصواب
دارالافتاء الاخلاص،کراچی

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