Topic: Using Toothpaste while fasting   (No-15726)

Q Is it permissible to use toothpaste while fasting?

aUsing toothpaste while fasting is makrooh due to the possibility of its particles reaching the throat. If toothpaste is ingested (goes down the throat), the fast becomes invalid.
Therefore, you should avoid using toothpaste and tooth powder while fasting.


الدر المختار: (416/2، ط: دار الفکر)
(وكره) له (ذوق شيء و) كذا (مضغه بلا عذر)

الھندیۃ: (199/1، ط: دار الفکر)
وكره ذوق شيء، ومضغه بلا عذر كذا في الكنز.

واللہ تعالٰی اعلم بالصواب
دارالافتاء الاخلاص،کراچی

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