Topic: Ingesting Petrol While Fasting   (No-15761)

Q What is the ruling regarding petrol entering one’s mouth while fasting?

aIf the petrol or its residue enter the throat, the fast is deemed invalid and the individual who has ingested the petrol or its residue must perform qaza for that day’s fast. However, kaffarah will not be necessary.


الدر المختار: (395/2، ط: سعید)

’’ومفاده أنه لو أدخل حلقه الدخان أفطر أي دخان كان ولو عوداً أو عنبراً لو ذاكراً؛ لامكان التحرز عنه، فليتنبه له كما بسطه الشرنبلالي‘‘.

Allah the Almighty knows best
Issued by Darul ifta Al-Ikhlas, Karachi

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