Topic: Pregnancy Checks while Fasting   (No-15789)

Q While in the state of fasting, can a woman get a pregnancy check from a lady doctor?

a In the early stages of pregnancy, female doctors perform pregnancy checks by inserting a finger of either a gloved or bare hand into the pregnant woman’s vagina. If the hand or glove is fully dry when inserting into the vagina, the fast remains valid. However, if any kind of moisture is applied onto the glove or hand before inserting or if the finger is inserted once while dry, then gets wet and is inserted again, the fast will be deemed invalid.


رد المحتار: (297/2، ط: سعید)

أو أدخل إصبعہ الیابسۃ فیہ أي دبرہ وفرجہا ولو مبتلۃ فسد۔

Allah the Almighty knows best
Issued by Darul ifta Al-Ikhlas, Karachi.

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