Topic: Can interest money be given to a needy relative?    (No-106651)

Q The bank has given me some money as interest, which I have kept and I did not use it, the question is, can I give that money to one of my poor relatives?

aYes! You can give interest money to your poor and needy relatives; However, while giving the amount of interest to a poor person, there should be no intention of reward, but only the intention to avoid the scourge of haraam wealth.


ویردونہا علی أربابہا إن عرفوہم، وإلا تصدقوا بہا؛ لأن سبیل الکسب الخبیث التصدق إذا تعذر الرد علی صاحبہ۔

(رد المحتار، کتاب الحظر والإباحة، باب الاستبراء وغیرہ ، فصل فی البیع ،ج:6 ص:385)

وفی قواعد الفقہ:

ویتصدق بلا نیۃ الثواب وینوی بہ براءۃ الذمۃ۔

(قواعد الفقہ ص:115)

Allah knows best
Darulifta Al Ikhlas, Karachi
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