Topic: Share of Grand Daughter in Grand father's estate and one daughter, two sisters and one brothers share in sister's estate   (No-3363)

Q Assalamu Alaikum, Respected Mufti! One person, Ghulam Qadir, who had three sons and one daughter, Ikram, Akram, and Asad. Asad (who was married and had a daughter Fatima) died before his father Ghulam Qadir. Now the question is, will Asad's daughter Fatima inherit her grandfather's inheritance?
The second question is that Asad's wife has also died and her heirs include one brother, two sisters and one daughter. In what proportion would the inheritance be divided among these?

a(1) Assad's daughter will not receive any of her grandfather's inheritance in this case.
(2) After bearing expenses of funeral and burial, payment of loan and if there was a legitimate will granted to any one then after executing the will in one-third of estate, the total property shall be divided into eight (8) parts, of which The daughter will get four (4), brother two (2) and one sister each (1).
If divided assuming 100%, then
50% to daughter
25% to brother
12.5% ​​to the sister
12.5% ​​to the sister
will given


صحیح البخاری: (باب میراث ابن الابن، 151/8، ط: دار طوق النجاہ)
"وقال زيد: «ولد الأبناء بمنزلة الولد، إذا لم يكن دونهم ولد ذكرهم كذكرهم، وأنثاهم كأنثاهم، يرثون كما يرثون، ويحجبون كما يحجبون، ولا يرث ولد الابن مع الابن»".

البحر الرائق: (کتاب الفرائض، 346/9، ط: رشیدیہ)
وأما بيان الوقت الذي يجري فيه الإرث فنقول: هذا فصل اختلف المشايخ فيه، قال مشايخ العراق: الإرث يثبت في آخر جزء من أجزاء حياة المورث، وقال مشايخ بلخ: الإرث يثبت بعد موت المورث".

Allah knows best
Darulifta Al-ikhlas,Karachi

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