Topic: Division/ distribution of Inheritance between widow, four sons and three daughters    (No-103484)

Q Assalam o Alaikum, Mufti Sahab! My father in law passed away. He left behind a wife, four sons and three daughters. In property (inheritance) he left a house in which the wife lives along with two sons, one son lives in England, while one lives in a separate flat. The son living in a separate flat is insisting on division of property. You are requested to advice on the proportion in which the property is to be divided/ distributed?

aAfter the burial of deceased, paying of debts, and if there is a legitimate will (وصیت) for someone, then after implementing the will in one third (1/3rd) of property, the remaining property will be divided in total 88 parts out of which 11 parts will be given to wife , 14 parts to each son and 7 parts to each daughter.
If the property is divided in percentage (100%), the wife will get 12.50 %, each son will get 15.90% and each daughter will get 7.95% .

ALLAH Almighty knows best.
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قال اللہ تعالی:
﴿ولھن الربع مما ترکتم إن لم یکن لکم ولد، فإن کان لکم ولد فلھن الثمن مما ترکتم الآیة ﴾
(سورة النساء، رقم الآیة: ۱۲)

و قال تعالی أیضاً :
﴿ یوصیکم اللہ في أولادکم للذکر مثل حظ الأنثیین﴾
(سورة النساء، رقم الآیة: ۱۱)

ALLAH Almighty knows best


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