Topic: expansion of masjid on top of a room as a result of room's expansion   (No-100750)

Q What are the views of respected Muftis about the issue where a mosque is build on top of a room that belongs to the entire village jointly. Now the room has been expanded and consequently the masjid has been expanded as well. Is it valid to offer salath in this masjid and is it permissible to build a masjid on top of a room or not. Kindly provide a satisfactory answer

aIt should be clear that if the room was present already and the masjid was then built on top of it. And after the expansion of room the masjid was also expanded by including the additional space created. Then it is permissible to offer salath in this masjid and expansion is considered as possible. However, if the land was initially dedicated for the masjid and a a proper masjid was created then it cannot be changed. infact, the rules of masjid will be applied on the land till Qyamat

Allah knows best
Darulifta Al Ikhlas, Karachi
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