Topic: Leaving Fajr Sunnah to acquire blessings of Takbeer-e-Oola / Jammat   (No-102208)

Q If someone is punctual in Takbeer-e-Oola and he reaches for Fajr prayers at a time when the Imam is about to start Jammat, so this person leaves Fajr Sunnah and entered in Jammat with Takbeer-e-Oola and didn’t offered the Sunnah, his this act is permissible?

aMany hadiths emphasize on Fajr Sunnah. Therefore, according to Hanafi School, if someone reaches to Masjid at a time when Jammat has been started, and thinks that if he at least can find one Rikkat of Jamma'at, after performing Sunnah then he must offer Sunnah first. Therefore for Takbeer-e-Oola, leaving Fajr Sunnah is not correct.

ALLAH Almighty knows best.
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02 Jun 2020
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