Topic: It is better to perform Witr in congregation in Ramadan   (No-106534)

Q Assalamo Alekum, Respected Mufti! My question is that Witr is performed in congregation in Ramadan, while expect Ramadan, Witr prayers are performed without congregation. What is the reason for this?

aThere is a consensus among all Muslims that it is better to offer Witr prayers in congregation in Ramadan, while it is not correct to offer Witr prayers in congregation in the months other than Ramadan, because it is a kind of Nafil prayer.


کذا فی حاشیۃ الطحطاوی:
ویوتر بجماعۃ استحبابا في رمضان فقط علیہ إجماع المسلمین؛ لأنہ نفل من وجہ، والجماعۃ في النفل في غیر التراویح مکروہ۔ (حاشیۃ الطحطاوي علی مراقي الفلاح، الصلاۃ، قبیل فصل في بیان النوافل، مکتبہ دارالکتاب دیوبند ص: ۳۸۶)

Allah knows best
Darulifta Al Ikhlas, Karachi
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