Topic: research about the incident of loaf baking by Hazrat Fatima (R. A)   (No-103591)

Q one of the narration of Bukhari shareef is circulating on social media about the following text Once a time while Hazrat Fatima (R. A) baked loafs in saliclaw, Hazrat muhammad (P. B. U. H) smile standing besides. Then Hazrat muhammad (P. B. U. H) asked to bake a loaf, when he inflicted a loaf into the saliclaw Hazart Fatima (R. A) asked the loaf has not been baking? Hazrat muhammad (P. B. U. H) smiled and replied fire does not effect anything which is touched by my hand. Is this hadees narrated in Bukhari shareef.

ainspite of searching we could not found the mentioned narration in Bukhari shareef.
Allah Knows best.
Darul ifta alikhlas Karachi.

ALLAH Almighty knows best.
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28 Nov 2020
11 Rabi Al-Akhar 1442

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