Masail (questions) related to suhoor and iftar

Q When should the Dua for Iftar be Recited?
Q Breaking One’s Fast with Salt
Q Is Suhoor Necessary for Fasting?
Q Breaking the Fast according to a Prayer Timings Chart
Q Time for the end of suhoor on regular days
Q Ruling regarding the fast of a person who eats suhoor thinking that there is still some time left, but finds out later that the time for suhoor had ended
Q Ruling regarding a fast that has been broken before sunset
Q Fasting (Roza) on the last day of menstruation and cleaning unnecessary body hair while fasting (Roza)
Q Sleeping for Suhoor (sehri) and the best time to eat Sehri
Q Shariah Ruling on eating suhoor (Sehri) until the Fajr azaan of the mosque of one's neighborhood
Q Is the time of suhoor in normal days the start of Fajr Azan?
Q Eating suhoor (sehri) during azan
Q Arranging iftar for relatives
Q Shariah Ruling on spending the money received for Iftar and Sehri in some other Masraf
Q Fasting without eating suhoor
Q Is Suhoor Necessary for Nafil Fasting?
Q The Prophet’s (SAW) Iftar
Q Spending Money given for Iftar and Suhoor on other Expenses
Q Providing Iftar to Fasting Relatives
Q Which is better: Having Iftar at the Mosque or having Iftar at home
Q The Time of the End of Suhoor
Q Suhoor is Sunnah
Q Eating Suhoor During the Azan
Q When should the Dua for Iftar be Recited?
Q Breaking one's Fast upon hearing the Azan on TV or Radio
Q Missing Suhoor as a result of Oversleeping
Q Having Suhoor in the State of Janabah (Impurity)
Q Eating Suhoor 1 minute After the Time for the End of Suhoor Written on the Prayer Timings Chart
Q Can a Moazzin Break his Fast before calling the Azan?
Q Eating After the Time for Suhoor has Ended
Q Ruling regarding the Intention and Suhoor for a Qaza Fast
Q Providing Iftar to a Rich Person, a Poor Person, or a Relative: Which has the greatest Fazeelat?
Q Difference Between Ignorance and Forgetfulness

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