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Q Order regarding sustenance through zakat
Q Fasting while traveling during the month of Ramadan is better or not
Q Wujoob of Juma in non muslim country
Q Women working in beauty parlor
Q Doing business of Birds and Cages
Q Calling father with his name
Q Eating Intestine of Goat
Q Religion of Child where father is Christian and mother is Muslim
Q Portion of Aqeeqa in animal for Qurbaani (Sacrifice)
Q Order regarding eating testicles
Q Order regarding wudho (ablution) when insect comes out of ear or wound
Q View on Supplicating without raising hands
Q Alimony for woman who goes to her parents on husband's will
Q Order for Women regarding thin cloths
Q Selling woods of forests without government's permission
Q Trimming beard lesser than length of fist
Q Reasons due to which Nikah breaks
Q Order regarding Life Insurance
Q Using smart phones to see sermons
Q Marriage with Qadiani Man
Q Leaving Sunnah after juma
Q Right to Foster
Q Demolishing graves in patio of Masjid
Q Giving meat as wages to butcher
Q Keeping hands above Navel during Salath
Q Saying Aameen loudly
Q Supplications after durood during Salath
Q Drawing pictures without ears, eyes and mounth
Q Directives regarding hiding area between Navel and Knees
Q Mixing water in Milk
Q Zakat on machinery not in use
Q Killing the one who makes a woman runaway with him
Q Noor Muhammad as Name
Q Earning of Barber Halal or Haram
Q Raising hands in each rakat
Q Eating Liver is Permissible
Q Forgetting Sura Fatiha in Salath
Q Angels responding to Salam
Q Common practice of Bee See
Q Selling dresses of women that does not cover satar
Q Is Adhan sunnat or wajib
Q Wujoob of Ghusul when semen does not drop or touch body
Q Responding to Adhan during menstruation
Q Selling Cigarette or gutka
Q Sexual Intercourse during Ramadan
Q Salath with unwanted hairs not cut since 40 days
Q Buying Car on installment
Q Keeping wife after pronouncing divorce three times
Q Bone Marrow of animal that is alive
Q Imam Stands without sitting in First Qa'dah

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