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Q Can Hanafi perform Asr prayer after Misl e Awal?
Q Can interest money be given to a needy relative?
Q Supplication to be recited before ablution
Q Drinking tea made by a Christian worker
Q Ruling for a person residing in Saudi Arabia to pay his Sadqa Fitr in Pakistan?
Q Sadqatul Fitr remains obligatory despite the delay
Q Shariah verdict about dealing with a specific bank
Q Supplication while Welcoming Guests
Q Ruling about Bitcoin Currency
Q Feeding donkey's milk to a baby to relieve weakness
Q Ruling for a person residing in Saudi Arabia to pay his Sadqa Fitr in Pakistan?
Q It is better to perform Witr in congregation in Ramadan
Q Killing an animal in the state of ablution
Q Ruling regarding praying on a hospital bed for petients
Q Order to deduct full day's salary in case of three late arrivals
Q Is there any relaxation for doctors to trim or shave their beard due to N-95 mask in the case where there are no alternatives?
Q Does COVID-19 diagnostic test nullify fast?
Q Share of adopted girl in the inheritance of guardian and the widow deprived of the inheritance by brothers of the deceased
Q Order regarding more than one Friday prayers in the same mosque due to government restrictions
Q Ruling on the distance within the rows in the mosque due to a compulsion
Q Can one person read Friday sermon more than once?
Q Distribution of property between wife, three sons and three daughters
Q The anecdote of seedless dates
Q Ruling for Women on going out for studying during time of Iddat (عدت) after death of Husband
Q Ruling on marriage (نکاح) at the time of sexual urge (شہوت)
Q research about the incident of loaf baking by Hazrat Fatima (R. A)
Q The house, where doors are closed for relatives……Research of a Hadith
Q What is Hurmat e Musaharat (حرمت مصاہرت) ?
Q Division/ distribution of Inheritance between widow, four sons and three daughters
Q The breaking up of nikah after husband or wife's death and seeing each other's face after death
Q Doing Ablution (وضو) after Ghusl (غسل i.e. proper bath with Faraiz)
Q Share of Grand Daughter in Grand father's estate and one daughter, two sisters and one brothers share in sister's estate
Q Shariah Ruling about Nikah Done through messages
Q What is the reason for prohibiting women from going to the graveyard in Shari’ah (شریعہ)?
Q clean the bed mattress
Q Forex (Foreign Exchange) Online Trading
Q Going out of pregnant ladies during solar eclipse
Q Shariah Ruling about Eclipse
Q Prayer of the Solar Eclipse
Q Order regarding Quran Khwani (Reciting Quran as group) before Nikah
Q Shariah (شریعہ) Instructions at the Time of Solar Eclipse
Q say Happy Friday
Q The grandmother of the wife is Mahram
Q Ruling on offering Salah (نماز) in half sleeves shirt
Q Order regarding spaying/neutering of cat due to specific needs
Q Ruling on praying behind the imam who wipes (Masah) on socks made of cloth or wool
Q Order regarding women who marries a Christian man
Q Ruling about Beat Boxing
Q Ruling to have a safety dog ​​despite having a CCTV camera
Q ریلوے ملازم مسافر کی نماز

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