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Q Cooking Haleem and other Dishes Specially on the 9th and 10th of Muharram
Q Teeja and Chaleeswan
Q Cutting a Cake or a Ribbon to Inaugurate a Store
Q Celebrating Wedding Anniversary
Q Referring to Hajj Performed on Friday as “Hajj e Akbar”
Q Hajj al-Mabroor and its Signs
Q Visiting and Praying Nafil Prayers at Sacred Sites (Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah, Cave of Thour, Cave of Hira, etc.) after Performing Umrah
Q Clapping as a Form of Encouragement
Q Hajj Performed Before Puberty
Q The Conditions and Intention for Hajj al-Qiran
Q The 4 Essential Arkan of Umrah
Q Can an Elderly Woman Perform Hajj Without a Mahram?
Q Does performing Umrah make Hajj obligatory?
Q Procedure for Performing Hajj al-Tamattu’
Q Performing Hajj on Behalf of a Deceased Person
Q Types of Hajj
Q Covering the Face in the State of Ihram
Q The Masnoon Method of Slaughtering
Q When Should One Wear Ihram?
Q Sacrificing on Behalf of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Religious Elders, and Parents
Q Avoiding Cutting Hair and Nails during the first 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah
Q Distributing Meat in Joint Qurbani
Q Donating the Hides of Sacrificial Animals to Welfare Organisations
Q The Fazail (virtues)of Qurbani
Q How many Sacrifices are Obligatory for a Pilgrim? Should a Pilgrim Shave their Head or Cut their Hair?
Q Exchanging a Sacrificial Animal after Purchasing it
Q Combining Aqeeqah and other Voluntary Forms of Sacrifice while Slaughtering a Large Animal
Q Reciting duas like جل جلالہ، صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم، علیہ السلام، رضی اللہ عنہ، رحمۃ اللہ Upon Hearing the Names of Allah, Prophets, Companions, and Respected Elders
Q Seeking Spiritual and Religious Benefit from the Company of Awlya’ during their Lifetime and Interceding through them after their Demise
Q How Many Wives did the Prophet (peace be upon Him) Have?
Q The Meaning of the Popular Phrase "Despair is Kufr"
Q Should Qadianis be labelled as kafirs or murtads? Should they be called towards Islam?
Q Difference Between Prophets, Messengers (rasool), and Paighambar (Apostles)
Q Relatives Recognising Each Other in Jannah
Q Good or Bad Taqdeer
Q Sharia Ruling on Making and Watching Films on the Lives of Prophets and Companions
Q Using a Pump to Increase the Pressure of the Gas Supply due to Gas Shortages
Q Can Only Sayyids Wear Black Imama (Turban)?
Q When should the Dua for Iftar be Recited?
Q Breaking One’s Fast with Salt
Q Is Suhoor Necessary for Fasting?
Q Ingesting Inedible Items while Fasting
Q Pregnancy Checks while Fasting
Q Bleeding from the Teeth while Fasting
Q Masturbating while Fasting
Q Using an Inhaler while Fasting
Q Start of Menstruation During Fasting
Q Water Accidentally entering the Throat While Rinsing the Mouth during Fasting
Q Using a Nebuliser to Administer Medicine while Fasting
Q Blood from the Gums Entering the Throat while Fasting

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