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Q Ruling on offering Salah (نماز) in half sleeves shirt
Q Order regarding spaying/neutering of cat due to specific needs
Q Ruling on praying behind the imam who wipes (Masah) on socks made of cloth or wool
Q Order regarding women who marries a Christian man
Q Ruling about Beat Boxing
Q Ruling to have a safety dog ​​despite having a CCTV camera
Q Ruling on Hairs of newborn babies
Q Ruling for Earnings from Digital Photography
Q Terms for the business of Shares
Q Method to Perform Salatul Hajaat (The Prayer of Need)
Q Wife can take money from husband’s pocket without his permission (if he does not pay for children).
Q Legal Status of Prevalent Practice of Qur'an Khwani (Reciting Qur'an in group)
Q How to offer Sajda -e-Tilawat when a person hears Ayat-e-Sajda before joining Jammat?
Q Ruling of earning through music
Q Availing Quranic teachings and its methodology
Q Zakat rule on diamonds and diamond jewellery
Q Leaving Fajr Sunnah to acquire blessings of Takbeer-e-Oola / Jammat
Q Sunnah of fajr prayers
Q Starting time of Fajr is True Dawn (صبح صادق) and not the False Dawn (صبح کازب)
Q Returning to home country after Umerah without cutting hairs
Q Ruling on wearing of Rings by men, made of metals other than Silver
Q Distribution of 12 thousands dollar among father, mother, husband and two daughters
Q Order regarding dyeing hairs
Q The ruling of Funeral Prayer (jinazah)for a person who did not make Nikah
Q Ruling on Marrying (Nikah) with Christian and Jewish Women
Q conducting ceremonies after coming from Hajj
Q Ruling on Seeking Permissiom for Second Marriage
Q A Person who is not doing nikah with out any valid reason
Q Order regarding sniffer/detective dogs
Q Offering Salath with Perfume applied
Q Departure of bride in Shadow of Quran
Q Vowing in heart
Q Giving Salute to Dead Body
Q Ruling regarding Black Friday
Q Getting treatment form Hindu to cure effects of Magic
Q Ruling on getting tattoos created
Q Cutting hairs and nails after the moon of Dhū al-Ḥijjah is sited
Q Qurbani in homeland for the people performing Hajj
Q Offering sunnat rakats of Juma before Mid day
Q Question about donating blood
Q Reciting Salam after Juma salath
Q Attending marriage ceremonies in which acts against shariah are committed
Q Is kissing the covering of Holy Kaba permissible?
Q Sacrifice (Qurbani) of an animal whose one eye does not function
Q Delaying marriage of younger daughter while waiting for an appropriate match for elder one
Q Sacrifice (Qurbani) in home country during haj
Q Where to pay sadqatul fitr if a person working is as expat and according to what value
Q Order regarding Nikah of adult female without parent's permission
Q expansion of masjid on top of a room as a result of room's expansion
Q Can Family of bride demand money from groom
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