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Q Using Toothpaste while fasting:
Q Ruling regarding the use of toothpaste while fasting:
Q Ruling on fasting the last 15 days of Sha’ban:
Q Gargling while fasting:
Q Ruling regarding reminding a fasting person who has eaten or drunk anything in the state of fasting by mistake:
Q Ruling regarding the use of Miswak and toothpaste while fasting:
Q Laylat-ul-qadr happens on different dates according to each country’s calendar.
Q On which country's basis should the fast of the Day of Arafah be observed?
Q Ruling regarding the fast of a person who eats suhoor thinking that there is still some time left, but finds out later that the time for suhoor had ended.
Q Ruling regarding a fast that has been broken before sunset:
Q Applying lipstick while fasting:
Q Fasting (Roza) on the last day of menstruation and cleaning unnecessary body hair while fasting (Roza)
Q Sleeping for Suhoor (sehri) and the best time to eat Sehri
Q Shariah Ruling on eating suhoor (Sehri) until the Fajr azaan of the mosque of one's neighborhood
Q Becoming obligatory of Zakat even with five and a half tolas of gold and a small amount of cash or silver
Q Is the time of suhoor in normal days the start of Fajr Azan?
Q Eating suhoor (sehri) during azan
Q Arranging iftar for relatives
Q Fasting continuously throughout the year:
Q Giving the nazar’s (vow's) money to debtor
Q The Shariah ruling on fasting on the days of menstruation (Hadh) In case of lack of strength
Q Shariah Ruling on spending the money received for Iftar and Sehri in some other Masraf
Q The ruling on muddy spots during postpartum bleeding(Nifas) and the ruling on blood that occurs before the completion of fifteen days after postpartum bleeding
Q Ruling on Attending a Feast Arranged by the Bride's Side Before the Wedding
Q Going Elderly woman on Umrah with Group without Mahram
Q Various rulings to perform sacrifice on behalf of another person
Q Praying Salat al-Tasbih before Tahajjud or after Tahajjud
Q To marry an aunt (Father’s sister) and her niece at the same time
Q Fasting on the Fifteenth of Shaban:
Q Donating blood while fasting:
Q Ruling regarding reminding a fasting person who has eaten or drunk anything in the state of fasting by mistake:
Q Adding words by oneself in the translation of hadith
Q Keeping the Holy Quran in the shelf after clothes in a wardrobe
Q Ruling for women to follow the imam from the room during Taraweeh prayer at home
Q Qadha (Making up) of I'tikaaf on menses in the state of I'tikaf
Q Fasting without eating suhoor:
Q Is Suhoor Necessary for Nafil Fasting?
Q Evidence of Worship During the Night of Forgiveness (15th night of Sha'ban) in light of the Prophet's hadith.
Q The Shariah status of Friday and Eid sermons and the Shariah Ruling about listening to these sermons
Q Fasting on Friday:
Q Applying Kohl/Kajal and Cutting Nails While Fasting:
Q Applying chap stick (lip balm) while fasting:
Q The meaning of Sawm-ul-Wisal:
Q Can Hanafi perform Asr prayer after Misl e Awal?
Q Can interest money be given to a needy relative?
Q Supplication to be recited before ablution
Q Drinking tea made by a Christian worker
Q Ruling for a person residing in Saudi Arabia to pay his Sadqa Fitr in Pakistan?
Q Sadqatul Fitr remains obligatory despite the delay
Q Shariah verdict about dealing with a specific bank

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